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Waveguide Lines and Accessories

Rigid Waveguide
Flexible Waveguide
Waveguide Sweeps, Bends and Elbows
Gaskets and Seals
Fine Matcher Sets
Windows/ Gas Barriers
Waveguide to Coax Transitions/Adapters
Custom RF/Microwave Subassemblies

Rigid Waveguide

  • Standard and custom rigid waveguide lines and assemblies ranging in sizes from WR-62 to WR-2300
  • Any standard or custom flange
  • Full height or reduced height
  • Wide variety of metals, finishes, seals and wall thicknesses
  • Can be made pressure-tight with a variety of gasket and crush-seal systems
  • Water-cooled option available

Flexible Waveguide

  • Copper alloy, aluminum and stainless steel materials available
  • From WR-62 to WR-2300 sizes
  • Custom lengths available

Waveguide Sweeps, Bends and Elbows

  • Standard and custom elbows, bends and jogs in E-plane and H-plane configurations
  • Either mitered or swept-radius
  • 90º or custom angles

Gaskets and Seals

  • Wide range of materials available; consult factory
  • Full and half height gaskets for a variety of flanges


  • Directional loop, broadwall, multiholes, sidewall and hybrid couplers
  • Factory-installed and field-installable directional couplers suitable for power monitoring and system control
  • Multiple designs are available to suit your project needs: some have field-adjustable coupling and some are ultra-low-profile, with factory-set coupling
  • Can be sealed for gas-pressurized or vacuum
  • Can be built using special dielectric materials for operation in high-radiation zones

Fine Matcher Sets

  • Fine matcher sets for tuning impedance mismatches up to 1.5 VSWR
  • Three-stub and four-stub tuners are custom built for optimum performance over the specified operating band
  • Can be automated with stepper motors for remote control

Windows/ Gas Barriers

  • Wide variety of waveguide gas barriers in all waveguide sizes for various applications
  • Gas barriers can be used to contain various gasses including pressurized air and SF6 or can be used in vacuum-waveguide systems

Waveguide to Coax Transitions/Adapters

  • Broad range of types and configurations of waveguide to coax transitions

Custom RF/Microwave Subassemblies

  • Integrated design services
  • Turnkey production
  • Custom components and subassemblies


wr-340 sweep


30 mw peak power directional coupler

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