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Broadcast-Specific Product Index

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Antennas TV and Broadcast

MCI Series #               Data Sheet Name

952000-955000:        UHF Broadband DTV Panel Antenna Systems
952000-CP                 500-800Mhz Circular Polarized Panel Antenna (Coming)
975000                        UHF Slot Antenna
AT13-111                     VHF (Band III) Versatile Antenna System, VP
AT13-220                     VHF (Band III) 2 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT13-221                     VHF (Band III) 2 Dipoles Panel, VP
AT13-223                     VHF (Band III) 2 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT13-240                     VHF (Band III) 4 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT13-243                     VHF (Band III) 4 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT14-522                     VHF (Band III) Dipole Antenna for Extreme weather
AT11-111                     VHF (Band I) Versatile Antenna System, VP
AT11-220                     VHF (Band I) 2 Dipoles Panel, HP
AT12-512                     FM Band, Dipole Antenna, VP
AT12-220                     FM Band, 2 Dipoles Panel Antenna, HP
AT12-201                     FM Band, 2 “V” Dipoles Panel Antenna, CP
AT12-202                     FM Band, 2 “V” Dipoles Panel Antenna, CP
AT15-225-CP              UHF Circularly Polarized Panel Antenna


Coaxial Line and Accessories

MCI Series #               Data Sheet Name

11000-17000:            RF Transmission line and Coaxial Components
31000:                         Patch Panels, Coaxial
50000:                         Break-Away Sections, Coaxial
51000:                         Directional Couplers
56700:                         Patch Panel and Power Splitter, Dual Feed Antenna System



MCI Series #               Data Sheet Name

48000:                         UHF High Power Diplexers
41400:                         UHF Medium Power Compact Diplexers                
41500:                         UHF Medium Power Unitized Diplexers
41502:                         UHF Low Power Coaxial Diplexer
41510:                         UHF Low Power Coaxial Unitized Diplexer
41800:                         VHF Diplexers


Filter, Bandpass, DTV, DVB

MCI Series #              Data Sheet Name

49100:                         UHF High Power Constant Impedance DTV Mask Filter
49100D:                      6th Order (4+2) Refl DM Mask Filter
49200D:                      8th Order Refl DM Mask Filter
 41700:                       UHF Medium Power Constant Impedance DTV Mask Filter
FLDV-158:                  UHF Reflective 8th Order DTV Mask Filter, 2KW
FLDV-018:                  Power Constant Impedance DTV Mask Filter, 150W
42100:                         Interdigital Bandpass Filter, 54-860Mhz
44000:                         Harmonic Low Pass Filters, Coaxial
44110:                         Harmonic Low Pass Filters, Waveguide
42000:                         Notch Filters, Single and Dual
42900:                         Notch Filter, Multiple
42110:                         Intermod Filters, Waveguide


FM Products

MCI Series #              Data Sheet Name

45200                          FM Constant Impedance Channel Combiner Modules
56500                          FM Switchless Power Combiner
45000                          FM Multiplexers
51754-FM                   FM Digital IBOC Injectors
AT12-512                    FM Band, Dipole Antenna, VP
AT12-220                    FM Band, 2 Dipoles Panel Antenna, HP
AT12-201                    FM Band, 2 “V” Dipoles Panel Antenna, CP
AT12-202                    FM Band, 2 “V” Dipoles Panel Antenna, CP


Frequency/Channel Combiners

MCI Series #              Data Sheet Name

43000:                         Star-Point Combiners
41200:                         Constant Impedance Combiners, Medium Power Coaxial
43200:                         Manifold, Multiple Frequency/Channel Combiners
41000:                         Constant Impedance Combiners, High Power Waveguide
49500:                         N+1, Adjacent Channel Combiners
49600:                         DTV/DTV, Adjacent Channel Combiners
49400:                         N-1, Adjacent Channel Combiners
41900:                         Duo-Band (UHF/VHF) Combiner/Couler
41300:                         Resonant Loop Combiners


Integrated RF/Microwave Systems

MCI Series #              Data Sheet Name

41600                          Integrated RF System


Power Combiners

MCI Series #              Data Sheet Name

55010:                         Hybrid Power Combiners
55000:                         Power Combiners, Transformer
55040:                         Waveguide Hybrid Power Combiners
55060:                         Waveguide “Switchless” Power Combiners
55080:                         High Power Waveguide Hot-Switch Power Combiners
50550:                         UHF Coaxial “Switchless” Power Combiners
55020:                         VHF Coaxial “Switchless” Power Combiners
56000:                         Remote Controlled Switching Combiners 


Switches, RF

MCI Series #              Data Sheet Name

61000:                         Coaxial Transfer Switches
65000:                         Waveguide Switches
56300:                         Switching matrix, N+1
55500:                         Micro- Switcher, Microprocessor Controllers
56000:                         Remote Controlled Switching Combiners         


Waveguide and Accessories

MCI Series #             Data Sheet Name

56010:                        Rigid Waveguide
56100:                        Waveguide to Coaxial Transitions 
56020:                        Waveguide “miter” Bends
56040:                        Waveguide “Sweep” Bends            
56610:                        Waveguide Couplers
56F00:                        Flex Waveguide
55040:                        Waveguide Hybrid Power Combiners
65000:                        Waveguide Switches





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