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Switches: Coax and Waveguide

Coax "Transfer" Switches
Waveguide Switches
Switch Control Panels
Programmable Switch Controllers
N+1 Switching Matrix

Coax "Transfer" Switches

  • Available in a wide range of sizes from DIN 7-16 up to 6-1/8
  • SPDT & DPDT coax switches are available in both in rotary-port and bulkhead configurations
  • Each switch position has multiple SPDT interlocks for position indication and system control
  • Most coax switches can ship in a matter of days
  • 61000 Coaxial Transfer Switches data sheet

Waveguide Switches

  • Available in sizes from WR62 to WR-2300
  • SPDT and DPDT waveguide switches in H-plane configurations
  • SPDT shutter switches available with manual or motorized drive and can be fitted with lock-out-tag-out provisions
  • Motorized options available with various drive and control voltages
  • 115 or 230 VAC drive
  • 12 or 24 VDC control

Switch Control Panels

  • Standard rack-mount control panels are available for manual switch control and status indication

Programmable Switch Controllers

  • Factory programmable controllers are available for multi-switch, local or remote system control

N+1 Switching Matrix

  • N+1 switch matrix allows one standby transmitter to serve as a switch-selectable backup for several main transmitters
  • With an optional load, the user can test any one of several transmitters into a test load while the standby transmitter keeps the system running
  • Saves system downtime


Switch Waveguide


6100 Switch

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