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Coaxial Lines and Accessories

Rigid Coaxial Lines and Elbows
Flex Section
Coaxial Cables
Fine Matchers (Stub Tuners)
Directional Couplers (Loop Couplers)
Patch Panels

Rigid Coaxial Lines and Elbows

  • Custom rigid coax lines using either copper tubing with brass flanges or aluminum tubing with aluminum flanges
  • The finish can be natural, chemical conversion or paint
  • Teflon™ support/insulators ensure maximum peak and average power handling
  • Sizes range: Type-N, DIN 7-16, 7/8, 1-5/8, 3-1/8, 4-1/16, 4-1/2, 6-1/8, 7-3/16, 8-3/16, 9-3/16, 14
  • Impedances: 50 or 75 Ohms

Flex Section

  • Flexible coax assembly using stainless steel bellows
    in sizes 3-1/8, 4-1/16 and 6-1/8

Coaxial Cables

  • Custom flexible coax cabling in many sizes with connectors ranging from DIN 7-16 through 6-1/8 including phase-matched cable sets

Fine Matchers (Stub Tuners)

  • Fine matcher sets for tuning impedance mismatches up to 1.5 VSWR
  • Three-stub and four-stub tuners are custom built for optimum performance over the specified operating band
  • Can be automated with stepper motors for remote control

Directional Couplers (Loop Couplers)

  • Factory-installed and field-installable directional couplers suitable for power monitoring and system control
  • Multiple designs are available to suit your project needs: some have field-adjustable coupling and some are ultra low-profile, with factory-set coupling
  • Can be sealed for gas-pressurized or vacuum
  • Can be built using special dielectric materials for operation in high-radiation zones

Patch Panels

  • Standard and custom configurations
  • Available in various coax sizes from 7/8 to 9-3/16
  • Optional interlocks for system status monitoring and transmitter fail-safe lockout
  • Can be integrated with power-dividers for split-feed antenna systems
  • Contact our engineering staff for advice on your application



Coax coupler


Coax part

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