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Manufacturing Capabilities (ISO 9000)

Micro Communications occupies over 16,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Merrimack, New Hampshire. We operate a state-of-the-art precision machine shop tailored to the accurate needs of RF components fabrication.

Specialized in prototype production and small to medium quantity runs, our capabilities include

  • Large size CNC and conventional machining
  • Full quality control and quality assurance nondestructive testing
  • Milling
  • Drilling, bending and punching
  • Plasma cutting and burning
  • Certified welding

Testing and RF Lab Capabilities

Our accredited ISO 9000 RF test lab has a full range of testing and measurement capabilities to characterize and test the products we sell. Our capabilities include:

  • Agilent Technologies E5071C Network Analyzers
  • Antenna Test Range: RYMSA

Design Capabilities

HFSS™ is the industry-standard software for S-parameter and 3D electromagnetic field simulation of radio frequencies. MCI’s experienced engineers utilize the accuracy, capacity and performance of HFSS to design antennas and RF/microwave components right the first time avoiding the costly delays associated with empirical designs.

Genesys - Eagleware Simulation Software
Micro Communications uses Eagleware for RF filter and system design for accurate modeling and S parameter plotting. We take pride in our ability to create better designs, lower project risk and save time and prototyping costs by quickly diagnosing RF analog effects that are difficult or impossible to characterize with other methods.

3D AutoCad
Autodesk® Inventor™ software provides Micro Communications with accurate 3D modeling This enables us to validate design and engineering data as they work, minimize the need for physical prototypes and reduce costly engineering changes discovered after the design is sent to manufacturing. Micro Communications also utilizes NEC analysis for antenna array designs and Matlab for our computationally intensive tasks.

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